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PD in Pyjamas

Regular readers will know I love to learn and I love to share. You will know how much I rave about and support TeachMeets and how I know that my own teaching has grown since I embraced learning and change. In fact I would go so far as to say, it is my desire to

Teaching the teachers

I spent yesterday with a group of committed, eager to learn primary teachers. They were from a growing school on the outskirts of Sydney which has a reasonable number of classroom computers, some brand new SMARTboards and no dedicated ICT teacher. I was there at the invitation of their head teacher and with permission from

A Year of Firsts

As my school year draws closer to the end, I have been reflecting on what an amazing year of firsts it has been for me. My first year of blogging. I started this blog back in January with my first post wondering if I could keep this blogging lark going. The number of half written