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Teaching the teachers

I spent yesterday with a group of committed, eager to learn primary teachers. They were from a growing school on the outskirts of Sydney which has a reasonable number of classroom computers, some brand new SMARTboards and no dedicated ICT teacher. I was there at the invitation of their head teacher and with permission from

Sydney Teach-Meet

Whenever I am lucky enough to leave my classroom for a day and attend a professional development session or conference I always come back wishing I had more time to connect with the other teachers there. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately and my personal conclusion is that there is a

Why I love Wednesdays

Wednesday – The hump day, a not quite halfway through the week kind of a day. A day when the weekend still seems far away. There are many famous quotes about Wednesday. Born on Monday, fair in the face; Born on Tuesday, full of God’s grace; Born on Wednesday, sour and sad; Born on Thursday,