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Sydney Teach-Meet

Whenever I am lucky enough to leave my classroom for a day and attend a professional development session or conference I always come back wishing I had more time to connect with the other teachers there. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately and my personal conclusion is that there is a need for more teachers to connect face to face with like minded educators, to talk, share and swap ideas.

It seems that I am not alone, I have for a while known that in the UK there are a series of meetings being held around the country called teach-meets. Recently I heard about a group of New Zealand teachers who are proposing to hold an un-conference next holidays in Wellington for the purpose of making connections and learning from each other. I know of other American and Australian teachers who regularly meet for coffee or dinner.

I also feel really strongly that it is time to try and break down some of the barriers between private, public and Catholic schools. It is time to get to know some of the regular tweeters and it is time to share and learn face to face from each other. From new teachers, old teachers and everyone in-between.

So I have decided to try and put my thoughts into action. This week I sent out a tweet and an email to teachers I know, asking the following:

‘I am wondering if any of you would be willing to try and get some kind of teach-meet group off the ground? My vision is to hold something, somewhere in the second week of the next holidays and invite any teacher who wants to come. Just what and how it would run and if we would have presentations or just informal chats, swap sessions or what would depend on many of the variables above.’

I have had many positive responses together with permission from my school, that I can hold this inaugural meeting there. So I am announcing to the world that the inaugural Sydney Teach- Meet for primary teachers is on. It will be held on Tuesday April 19, during the next school holidays at my school, which is on the North Shore, near to the train line. I have started an edmodo group for ideas and am happy to email the code to anyone who is thinking of joining us.

So the challenge is out, If you are a primary school teacher who is interested in sharing, learning or just listening to other teachers in the flesh, I can promise an interesting day. If you know of other teachers keen to learn, or if you just want a day to chat a meet other teachers, join us . Why not bring a colleague? Challenge someone else to start their learning journey. Or if you are a secondary school teacher, or you live elsewhere, why not try to get your own teach-meet off the ground? For further details please see this wiki .

Through little things big things grow. Oh and I have also rashly promised some freshly cooked muffins!