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Ban Boring homework – Passion Projects

I am presenting at TeachMeet Macquarie later this afternoon. Here is a copy of the slides I will be sharing for anyone interested in exploring Passion projects with their students. Passion Projects help to make homework meaningful. They are also enjoyable, engaging, enriching and empowering for all students. They meet NSW English curriculum outcomes and they allow

Teachmeet Survey

Have you heard of the TeachMeet movement? Maybe you have been or even hosted one? Perhaps it is something on your ‘one day’ list? Or you are the biggest TeachMeet fan attending them whenever and wherever you can? Whatever your association with TeachMeets. TeachMeet Sydney part of the wider group of TeachMeet Australia needs your

PD in Pyjamas

Regular readers will know I love to learn and I love to share. You will know how much I rave about and support TeachMeets and how I know that my own teaching has grown since I embraced learning and change. In fact I would go so far as to say, it is my desire to