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Homework Hassles

I have just finished a round of parent-teacher interviews and overwhelmingly they were positive. I was genuinely able to tell the majority of my parents how happy I was with the progress of their child and the parent was able to tell me how happy their child is in my class. We all agreed that

Survivor – Week 1 Year 5

Week 1, Term 1 is over, Hallelujah! Only nine more weeks until the holidays. What  dreadful comment, I am a teacher who loves her job, who finds pleasure in the small things, how can I possibly be feeling like this already? Well it’s a combination of things. My classroom was designed and built around eight years ago.

Musings on the teaching of spelling

I was really interested to read a blog post by The Principal last week where among other things he questioned whether spelling should be taught anymore. If you have yet to read this I suggest you do so, as it raises many interesting points. While I believe that his aim was to encourage discourse on