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it’s all about relationships

I was chatting with some teachers the other day about theories of education and in particular about some of the so called education gurus who often have much to say about how children learn best. As I reflected on our chat I realised  that although I may not be an education guru, that I have, over the years developed

Connecting from the classroom

How often do you contact the parents of the students you teach? Do you maintain a class newsletter? Or do you send class emails? Do you have a class blog which regularly displays examples of student work? Or do you only see parents at interview time? I read this article recently that Parents are taking

Communicating from camp

I have just returned from three days at camp. Our year 5 and 6 students visit the beautiful bush setting of Galston Gorge for an outdoor education camp every year at this time. It is an opportunity for students to leave home comforts behind and try new things. To get out of their comfort zone