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Welcome back – Week 1

All over Australia parents and students are coming to the gradual realisation that the long summer holidays are nearly over. Sand is being shaken from cossies and lunch boxes dug from the back of the cupboard. The queues are forming at school shoe shops and all the supermarkets have specials on stationary. I’ve been back

No Hands Up

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about the value of ‘wait time’ when asking questions of my students. Since that time I have endeavoured to use ‘wait time’ with mixed success. I have tried really hard to find other ways of encouraging student participation besides ‘hands up’ including a pack of cards with students

Formative Assessment

I have just returned from two days of brilliant professional development on the essential topic of assessment for learning, more commonly called formative assessment given by Dylan Wiliam. This was the kind of professional development I love. Even though it involved sitting and listening for two days solid, I did not lose focus. My notability