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Reflections on the role of a PYP coordinator

I am writing this reflection from my hotel room in Singapore, where I am lucky enough to be attending a course title ‘The role of the PYP Coordinator’. Tonight is the end of day two and I have homework to do before tomorrow. I need to reflect on my learning so far and to especially […] 

No Hands Up

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about the value of ‘wait time’ when asking questions of my students. Since that time I have endeavoured to use ‘wait time’ with mixed success. I have tried really hard to find other ways of encouraging student participation besides ‘hands up’ including a pack of cards with students […] 

Formative Assessment

I have just returned from two days of brilliant professional development on the essential topic of assessment for learning, more commonly called formative assessment given by Dylan Wiliam. This was the kind of professional development I love. Even though it involved sitting and listening for two days solid, I did not lose focus. My notability […] 

Backwards by design program planning

Before you read any further ask yourself the following questions, as I have been thinking about these for a while now. Just because an activity or task is engaging does it mean your students are learning? Is your program filled with hands on or minds on activities? I have been reading Understanding by Design by […] 

Visiting other classrooms

Last week I was lucky enough to visit three other schools. It is such a joy and privilege to be able to do this. As teachers we spend our days surrounded by students, usually just in our classrooms. Days spent hopefully, by us teaching and our students learning. Although perhaps that should read, with us […] 

Come and work at my school

I wonder where do teachers who are not connected, who do not belong to Pinterest, who do not read blogs and who rarely go to TeachMeets get new ideas from? I wonder in fact, if perhaps they don’t? I wonder if the reason there are still so many blog posts and presentations to be found […] 

The nine phases of teaching

I read a post the other day that really resonated with me. Titled The pedagogy of merriment it was well written and interesting. Although aimed at high school teachers I  felt much of what it said still applied to primary teachers. There was much about the article that I enjoyed but in particular this statement made me stop […] 

Adobe Generation- Digital Creativity in the Classroom

I am taking part in an online learning course during the next few weeks. Tilted Digital Creativity in the Classroom. It is an Adobe education course designed for educators as an introduction to the basics of digital media production. It promises to have an emphasis on classroom craft, as well as the core principles of […] 

Learning through drama

My year six students have been working hard this term to complete a number of in class ‘real’ projects. By ‘real’ I mean that we have tried as far as possible to reach our needed outcomes with tasks that have meaning and relevance for them. The first of these projects, fractured fairytale plays came to […] 

Adobe Education Leader

I received a surprise email in the last school holidays, inviting me to join the Adobe Education Leadership program. Even though I have a working knowledge of many of the suite of Adobe programs I am by no means an expert in any of them. I emailed quickly back again, admitting my lack of knowledge […] 

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