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Ban Boring Homework – Use blogging instead

Last week I attended the fabulous TeachMeet 5 Squared hosted by @simon_harper3. I gave the following presentation. Ban Boring Homework – Use blogging instead. In this five minute presentation I gave a glimpse into the way we use blogging to engage our year 6 students in reading, writing, presenting and reflecting on their learning, using Edublogs student

Passion Projects and Student Blogging

My school’s homework policy is designed to ensure students only complete tasks that are meaningful, for the purposes of reinforcing classroom learning and building connections with home. This term Year 6 are once again completing Passion Projects. These projects are designed to be completed during the term, thus introducing them to tasks that take time.

A changing classroom

On the last day of last term, my school held a K-12 Biggest Morning Tea. During this time I saw many older students whom I had once taught.  My very first year 5 group of students are currently in year 11. Next term will see them going for year 12 leadership positions and starting the