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A busy classroom

Like all primary teachers I have a jam packed timetable. Outcomes must be reached and indicators ticked in English, Maths, HSIE, Science and more. Not to mention Music, P.E. Library and French. As a result any session without a break is precious to me, as it is in those times that I plan to really

Making Memories again.

What do you remember about your primary school days? We asked this question of our parents this week using our class blog and the answers were not surprising, not many of them remember tests or exams in their primary days. Yet for Australian students these days this week has been NAPLAN week. All Australian teachers

Classroom Spaces

If you had come into my year 5 classroom last term, for the most part you would have seen clusters of desks usually arranged in groups of four or six. So for my class of 26 that meant six different desk clusters, a couple at the front, a couple near the middle and two at