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A UK road trip

This time last year I applied for a NGS teacher’s scholarship specifically to travel to the UK so that I could visit schools who are successfully blogging with their students. I was not successful in my application, unfortunately I did not receive the $5000 travel grant but being a runner up I did get a

A message to my readers

All of a sudden I seem to have a whole new readership. Almost daily my email tells me of a new ping-back comment. It appears I have made it onto a university list and my guess is these students are visiting and reading lots of education blogs. These students are using blogs as a reflective

Old favourites

I don’t know about you but I have a few faithful work outfits that I love. To my sadness my absolute favourite waffle weave cardigan is dying. It is a top I feel comfortable in. It is one I remember purchasing with fondness and one I know looks good with many outfits. But now that