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Blogging in the Primary School

Holidays are a great opportunity to not only relax and recharge but to rethink and reflect. During our recent break I spent some time reorganising my iPad, saving and deleting old notes etc. As I did so I came across several notability files that I took on my trip to the UK last July. During […] 

Blogging in the primary classroom

Ever since my recent visit to the UK, I have been pondering how better to engage my students in meaningful blogging lessons. I have read other teacher’s posts about how they blog with their students, such as Kathleen Morris in Victoria who makes blogging part of her literacy rotations. I have viewed blogging in action […] 

#ukedtravels- day 2

Day two saw @jjash and myself visit two schools in Blackpool. Both of which are using technology in interesting ways with their students. This was followed by a talk fest dinner with @deputymitchell and @cheriseduxsbury. As I walked around the school buildings I was struck at how familiar it all looked and how at home […] 

A message to my readers

All of a sudden I seem to have a whole new readership. Almost daily my email tells me of a new ping-back comment. It appears I have made it onto a university list and my guess is these students are visiting and reading lots of education blogs. These students are using blogs as a reflective […] 

Edublogs or Edmodo

I received a comment this week asking if I preferred Edublogs or Edmodo best. Since in my mind they are totally different platforms with different uses, I thought I would respond with a post.. Edublogs is a wordpress derived blogging platform aimed at teachers and students. Its own websites states that Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher […] 

Why bother blogging?

I have been blogging for nearly two and a half years, sometimes I wonder why I do it and what I hope to gain from maintaining this blog.  This week I have been reflecting on my reasons. To add to my thoughts I read this yesterday at a book marketing website. Nationally, over 12 million […] 

Connecting in the holidays

It’s the holidays here in Sydney a much needed time of rest and relaxation. A time to recharge ones internal batteries and prepare for next term. Teachers are much maligned in the popular press for the holidays we get. We know though that without these breaks we would not survive for long. I actually have […] 

ICTENSW Edmodo and Student blogging

This blog post has been prepared to support a presentation I am giving at the University of NSW for an ICTENSW workshop. My workshop will be provide participants with information on how to connect their classrooms to the world and extend the length of their school days, using edmodo and edublogs. The secure online networking […] 

Connecting your classroom

As we come to the end of our summer holidays here in Australia, my mind inevitably starts to return to the task ahead of me, namely preparing  my classroom for the year ahead. This week I have been into school to tidy up, rearrange desks and physically prepare my classroom. Mentally too I have been […] 

AIS Leaders Conference

Once again I find myself using this space to complement a presentation I am giving. I apologise if much of what I am writing appears familiar to my regular readers. Since however my presentation is on the merits of class and student bloggers, please bear with me. Perhaps you would like to add a comment […] 

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