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Learning through drama

My year six students have been working hard this term to complete a number of in class ‘real’ projects. By ‘real’ I mean that we have tried as far as possible to reach our needed outcomes with tasks that have meaning and relevance for them. The first of these projects, fractured fairytale plays came to […] 

Old favourites

I don’t know about you but I have a few faithful work outfits that I love. To my sadness my absolute favourite waffle weave cardigan is dying. It is a top I feel comfortable in. It is one I remember purchasing with fondness and one I know looks good with many outfits. But now that […] 

Young ICT Explorers

Some readers may know that early this year many students in my class entered a competition called the Young ICT Explorers Australia award and that eight year 6 groups from my school made it to the finals. I blogged about the amazing experience we all had that day here. This week a video was released that reflects […] 

Why teachers should blog

This is a copy of a Prezi I gave at the PLANE Festival of Learning last week. I have already blogged here with some of my reflections from the event. I started blogging nearly three years ago now and I know how it has changed the way I teach in so many ways. For me […] 

Simple Teaching Tip

My class have been working all year on what I like to term ‘writing like a writer’. We have writing sessions were we ‘get dirty’ with our writing, by critiquing each others writing. By that I mean we criticize and suggest improvements for each other. I am firmly of the belief that even the best writer can aim to improve. That […] 

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