I am a Year 6 teacher and the PYP Coordinator from a private girls’ school in Sydney. I use this blog to explore, learn and reflect on my teaching, as I attempt to navigate and incorporate web 2.0 into my classroom. My thoughts and musings are my own.

I am a mother of three, married to a graphic designer and I own a gorgeous labradoodle called Monte.

I am one of the founder members of TeachMeet Australia and part of a Sydney based team doing their best to spread the word about the value of TeachMeets to the world.

I am also an Adobe Education leader spreading the word about Adobe tools to the community.

I present regularly at at conferences and TeachMeets. Details of past presentations can be found on the menu tool bar.

My class blog can be found at http://year6rc.edublogs.org

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  6. Hi Henrietta,
    I was just wondering if your ‘techiebrekkie’ blog was taken down or has moved to another location?

    I am an ICT leader from Melbourne and have introduced Techie Brekkies at my school and had come across your blog a while ago but now I can’t seem to get into it.

    You had some wonderful links, ideas etc and I was wondering if you will be opening it up for other educators?

    Many sincere thanks,

  7. henriettami

    I’m sorry Raff but about a year ago I just had to give up something and it was the Techie Brekkies website. I think it must have disappeared, but could perhaps be found using the wayback machine. Technology moves so quickly that most of the links on it were for programs which have since been superseded these days.

  8. Lizzy

    Hi Henrietta,

    I am a beginning teacher and I stumbled across your blog from 2012 about the picture book unit you did with Year 6. I am in the midst of attempting to plan something similar myself and I was just wondering if you could give me any more details about the project. As I’m a specialist teacher, I only have one lesson a week with my Year 6 students. What was the time frame for when you ran the unit? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I’m starting to worry that I’m being too ambitious with this idea!


  9. henriettami

    I have emailed you Lizzy, please feel free to get back to me if you have further questions.

  10. Hi Henrietta,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and wonderful ideas. I was wondering where I could learn more about how you set up the homework task on creative writing and having other students etc vote on the next chapter. Also how can my class read and comment on your class blogs.
    Any information would be appreciated.

  11. Henrietta Miller

    Hi Anne

    thank you for your comment, I will email you the instructions I wrote for my students I hope that helps. My class blog is http://year6rc.edublogs.org you can find the student blogs on the right hand blog roll. Check out Claire, Darcey, Olivia and Sophie W for excellent examples of chapters, followed by 3 options. I hope that helps. We welcome any comments and love to connect with other students.