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Why we need TeachMeets

It is the first day of the holidays here in New South Wales and I like all other teachers am tired. I am in need of a break and some much needed rest and relaxation. I have blogged before about our need for holidays and how important they are for reviving both body and soul. […] 

The Bloggers’ Cafe

It is hard to believe that what was a germ of an idea just over a year ago is now a fully fledged website that has just celebrated its first birthday, but it is. The Bloggers’ Cafe has turned one. When I wrote these words a year ago little did I realise that a year […] 

Motivation questions.

 How do you motivate all students to enjoy learning? This question has been mulling in my mind for a while now. As I look around my classroom, I know that all the learners in it are different and they are all at different stages in their development. For some, primary school comes easy, they learned […] 

IWBnet some of my reflections

The first thing I did upon arriving at The 5th National Leading a Digital School Conference last week, was to collect my free i-pad. Well free for three days anyway. I then used the i-pad for the next three days to take notes and photographs from the sessions I attended. Back home it is as […] 

IWBdig11 presentation two

The following slide share is taken from the second presentation I gave at The 5th National Leading a digital school Conference last week in Melbourne. During my presentation I tried to persuade my audience that to return with their heads full from this conference was not enough. That as educators in a rapidly changing world […] 

IWBnet presentation

This post has been designed to supplement my presentation for The 5th National Leading a Digital School Conference. To be held on Thursday September 1 2011. Preparing Students for their future not your past through the integration of web 2.0 tools with an emphasis on blogging and edmodo. During my presentation we will be logging […] 

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