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Holidays equal time. Time to read. Time to relax. Time to reflect. Time to catch up. Time to plan. For me holidays also mean time to switch off and tune out of my education brain, if only for a few days. Our two week spring break has come to an end though and tomorrow term […] 

Go Teach This

There are many hundreds if not thousands of sites containing resources aimed at teachers these days. And now there is a new one. One that I believe deserves to be both promoted and used. There are not many Australian teachers I know of, who give back to the community as much Adrian Bruce does.  He […] 

Communicating from Canberra

Last week year 6 went on our annual trip to our nation’s capital Canberra, where like many hundreds of thousands of school children before us, we spent three days learning about how our government works. Our schedule was a packed one, In the three days we spent there we took part in the following The […] 

The Young ICT Explorer’s Competition

Today I was once again a judge in The Young ICT Explorers Competition and all I can say is WOW. I was one of six judges in the years 7&8 division, we had the impossible task of trying to pick three winners from an amazing field of 18 entries. The standard of this year’s competitors […] 

A morning in Year 6

As I write this I am surrounded by Year 6 students. The doors of our two classrooms are open and our students are busy working, engaged in their learning. I am sitting next to two students who need more support than some but as I am working too, we are in a win win situation, […] 

Come and work at my school

I wonder where do teachers who are not connected, who do not belong to Pinterest, who do not read blogs and who rarely go to TeachMeets get new ideas from? I wonder in fact, if perhaps they don’t? I wonder if the reason there are still so many blog posts and presentations to be found […] 

Photo Imaging – A crash course for the classroom

I am into week four of a six week Adobe evening course, called Photo Imaging a crash course for the classroom. Each week at 7.00 pm on a Wednesday night (Sydney time) approximately 180 students from around Australia and beyond meet in an Adobe connect room to learn and share. Each week covers a new […] 

The nine phases of teaching

I read a post the other day that really resonated with me. Titled The pedagogy of merriment it was well written and interesting. Although aimed at high school teachers I  felt much of what it said still applied to primary teachers. There was much about the article that I enjoyed but in particular this statement made me stop […] 

Blogging in the primary classroom

Ever since my recent visit to the UK, I have been pondering how better to engage my students in meaningful blogging lessons. I have read other teacher’s posts about how they blog with their students, such as Kathleen Morris in Victoria who makes blogging part of her literacy rotations. I have viewed blogging in action […] 

Teachmeet Survey

Have you heard of the TeachMeet movement? Maybe you have been or even hosted one? Perhaps it is something on your ‘one day’ list? Or you are the biggest TeachMeet fan attending them whenever and wherever you can? Whatever your association with TeachMeets. TeachMeet Sydney part of the wider group of TeachMeet Australia needs your […] 

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