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Classroom Spaces

If you had come into my year 5 classroom last term, for the most part you would have seen clusters of desks usually arranged in groups of four or six. So for my class of 26 that meant six different desk clusters, a couple at the front, a couple near the middle and two at […] 

Sydney TeachMeet

It’s 5.30pm  and I am in recovery mode after the first ever Sydney TeachMeet. From the moment that @2sparkley and her Newcastle colleagues walked in at 9:30am to the moment the last educator left (a teacher from Russia no less) at 3:30 pm.  I had the best day, meeting, networking, sharing ideas, learning from and […] 

Rest and Relaxation

I have just returned from five days in the picturesque Hunter Valley near Sydney. During my five days I had with me my darling supportive husband. During my five days I did not have with me a computer, a phone, any children, my dog or my chickens. I also had no washing, cooking, cleaning or […] 

Hacking the System

I was lucky enough to be allowed to go on a professional development day last week, titled ‘A Day with Steve Collis‘ and held at Northern Beaches Christian School. It was exactly as it promised a really interesting and worthwhile day with Steve, exploring ways to work smarter not harder. Steve broke the day into […] 

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