Category: October 2014

Mathematical Party Planning

In year 6 we are trying to make Maths real this term. Year 6 are planning parties. A year 6 farewell party to be precise. Each student is going to plan their perfect farewell party, menu, timetable, table settings and more. It’s amazing once we started to think parties, just how much Mathematics we found.

Gobstoppers in year 6

What do gobstoppers have to so with inquiry? We welcomed Year 6 back to school with an inquiry provocation this week. Each student was given a gobstopper and asked to think. Why were we using gobstoppers? What might we be inquiring into? How could a gobstopper relate to this term’s inquiry unit? Before they were

ACEC2014 – Now it’s personal

I’m back from ACEC2014 and today as I dealt with the ten loads of washing my teenagers accumulated while i was away, I have been reflecting on the conference. There were many fabulous aspects to ACEC2014 that have left my brain tired but also energised. I listened to some great keynotes, I took many informative workshops and I met