Category: November 2012

My teaching year ends

My teaching year has ended and I am tired, ready for a break, ready to switch off and recuperate. I think there is something particularly exhausting about the Australian end of school year. Not only is it filled with end of year events, such as dance concerts, prize givings and award nights but Christmas is fast approaching, giving that extra edge of anticipation and excitement to the final

The Edublogs awards

This is my third year of writing the blog, a task I find both rewarding and reflective. I have written before and presented at conferences on the reasons I think all teachers should maintain a personal blog. Trying to be nominated for a blogging award and thus the opportunity to place a nomination badge on

it’s all about relationships

I was chatting with some teachers the other day about theories of education and in particular about some of the so called education gurus who often have much to say about how children learn best. As I reflected on our chat I realised  that although I may not be an education guru, that I have, over the years developed