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Marking, a vital tool or an endless chore? For a while now I have been thinking about how I mark, how I give meaningful feedback and how to ensure I support all the learners in my classroom. I am convinced that how I mark my student’s work and how I give them feedback makes a


Questions, questions, questions. Questions from teacher to student and student to teacher are to my mind at the core of life in the classroom. Big questions, little questions, fat questions, thin questions, Socratic questions, probing questions. What you ask your students and what they ask you can be the key to a successful lesson. I

A room with a view

Is this your daughter? Is this your student ? She’s a student from Sydney and my guess is she’s in about Year 7. She has an iPhone and uses Instagram. How do I know this? Because her collection of uploaded images, this being one of them, was easily accessible, to not only me, but anyone