Category: June 2012

When sickness strikes

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and I do what I can to keep myself free from sickness. Every now and then though I fall victim to some bugs and for me it was this week, when a particularity nasty virus that has been doing the rounds of my classroom finally found its way into

A busy classroom

Like all primary teachers I have a jam packed timetable. Outcomes must be reached and indicators ticked in English, Maths, HSIE, Science and more. Not to mention Music, P.E. Library and French. As a result any session without a break is precious to me, as it is in those times that I plan to really

Laughter in the classroom

Picture this, it is 8.10 am on Friday morning and my classroom is filling with the sound of girls laughing, laughing from the classroom next door. Not that surprising, except that what I am listening to is an extra maths class, a totally optional class offered to students who need extra time to understand some