Category: July 2012

The Young ICT Explorers Competition

Earlier this year in May, I received an email from SAP inviting me to be a judge at an ICT competition called The Young ICT Explorers Competition that was starting in NSW. This competition, the brainchild of an SAP research scientist, had been held in Queensland for the past three years. This year it was opening up to NSW students and it

Edublogs or Edmodo

I received a comment this week asking if I preferred Edublogs or Edmodo best. Since in my mind they are totally different platforms with different uses, I thought I would respond with a post.. Edublogs is a wordpress derived blogging platform aimed at teachers and students. Its own websites states that Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher

A tale of two students

I firmly believe that marks do not belong in a primary classroom. I am convinced that well written and informative comments will aid all learners far more than any A to E grades. It breaks my heart to have to put grades on my student’s reports and this is why. Imagine this. You are eleven