Category: January 2012

TeachMeet world record

Okay so this post is blatant promotion, a chance for me to push, write about and spruik something close to my heart, TeachMeets. Some readers may know that the first Sydney Teachmeet was held in my classroom last April. After which I discovered I was not alone in thinking Teachmeets would make a great addition

New beginnings

Shiny shoes, Crisp new uniforms, Bulging backpacks, Brand new lunch boxes, Untouched exercise books Yes its back to school time here in Australia, week one is already over and the term is almost up and running at full steam. I love the new year, a fresh start for some, a new class for most, new

Connecting your classroom

As we come to the end of our summer holidays here in Australia, my mind inevitably starts to return to the task ahead of me, namely preparing  my classroom for the year ahead. This week I have been into school to tidy up, rearrange desks and physically prepare my classroom. Mentally too I have been