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Switching Off

It is the holidays here in Australia. Six glorious weeks of sun, summer and Christmas makes for a very relaxing time. As the term wound down last week I went to meet several of the teachers who have this year, been involved in the Sydney TeachMeet movement, for two TeachMeetEatUps! A chance to unwind, chat,

A new way of testing

I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop run by Alan November this week. As always his ideas were useful and thought provoking. One of the most interesting ones was about testing in the classroom. Or more specifically about taking tests in three rounds, so that the assessment task becomes a springboard into

My teaching year ends

My teaching year has ended and I am tired, ready for a break, ready to switch off and recuperate. I think there is something particularly exhausting about the Australian end of school year. Not only is it filled with end of year events, such as dance concerts, prize givings and award nights but Christmas is fast approaching, giving that extra edge of anticipation and excitement to the final