Category: March 2011

U-stream in my classroon

Year 5 have spent the past four weeks in small groups of four students researching a country, so as to prepare a presentation to give to their peers. As a cohort they chose thirteen different countries. They followed expicit criteria and learning intentions to design a one slide SMARTboard file which contained the following. A

Sydney Teach-Meet

Whenever I am lucky enough to leave my classroom for a day and attend a professional development session or conference I always come back wishing I had more time to connect with the other teachers there. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately and my personal conclusion is that there is a

Time to create

The core values of our year 5 classes this year are Create, Cooperate, Collaborate and Care. These words help myself and my co-teacher @pruthomas to form and develop the way we want the students in our year group to think and behave. We talk about them together and we write about them on our class