Category: July 2011

RSCON My final word

So it is finally on RSCON3, will take place from Friday, July 29 to Sunday, July 31 2011. I hope you will join it for what promises to be the biggest yet global online conference for everyone concerned with education. With more than 75 presentations and 12 keynote speakers it is sure to be an

Teaching the teachers

I spent yesterday with a group of committed, eager to learn primary teachers. They were from a growing school on the outskirts of Sydney which has a reasonable number of classroom computers, some brand new SMARTboards and no dedicated ICT teacher. I was there at the invitation of their head teacher and with permission from


Do you want to able to be inspired by education professionals from around the world while relaxing over the weekend from the comfort of your lounge? Well join me and thousands of others from around the world in a couple for weeks time for RSCON3. RSCON3 is the third Reform Symposium e-conference for educators. It