Category: February 2011


I watched a really interesting documentary this week, ‘Life at Five’. which followed on from ‘Life at Three’ and ‘Life at One’. Incidentally I watched it on our  i-pad using the ABC iview app and the program is still available if you are interested. Five years ago eleven Australian children were handpicked to follow on


The assembly theme at my school this week was generosity. Our principal gave a humorous talk about the need for generosity in our lives. It involved lollies (sweets) so not surprisingly the students were entertained and amused. The following day we, along with many other schools around Australia, held a special day. Some schools wore mufti,

It was a good week.

It was exactly a year ago that I wrote these words. My classroom was designed and built around eight years ago. Oh good I hear you say, it must be nice and modern. Well to some degrees it is, except that the architect who no doubt was sitting in his air-conditioned office at the time assured ‘the