There are moments in everyones life when the world seems to tip on its axis and life as one knows it changes for ever. This week has proved to be one of those times with the diagnosis that my gorgeous, bright, funny twenty year old son has bone cancer. Ewing’s Sarcoma to be precise, in his jaw and with spots on his lungs. Tomorrow we meet with the oncology team to work out how best to battle through this.

Luckily I’m a learner I always have been and I guess I aways will be. I love reading and learning new things, picking up new or old ideas and working out how I can apply them in my classroom. Which is why I blog here at classroomchronicles.

For the next few months though, I think my learning and my journey will be different. It will not be about technology or classroom but drugs and support. As I grapple with not how to apply new teaching pedagogies into my classroom but how to support a sick young man, while allowing him to maintain his dignity.

As a means of disseminating information to our families and friends I have set up Smush, Pray, Love. Feel free to ignore or follow. I will not write here for the forceable future.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to finding you all again soon.

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