Year 3 unpack their Central Idea

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Before starting a new unit of inquiry it is important that all students have a clear understanding of what the units Central Idea is about, after all that will be what they will be assessed on later in the unit. It was an absolute pleasure for me to be a part of the lesson when Year 3 unpacked their Central Idea Ecosystems are a delicate balance of many life forms, for their new Unit of Inquiry recently. Listening to their conversations, wonderings and thoughtful contributions, I was amazed at the depth of their responses.

To the question what are Ecosystems? Came these responses

  • I know that means environments because Eco means environment
    It must be connected to systems
    I think eco means being careful too

So what might systems in the environment mean?

  • ‘Things that go around and and around’
    ‘They help keep the world how God wants it to be’
    ‘Maybe systems means the way something works, because in the library there is a system for how something works’

How about delicate?

  • ‘I know that delicate means you need to be careful,
    ‘It means fragile, it might break’

How about life forms?

  • ‘That means how life is made’

And balance?

‘When we are balanced our life is equal’

It was really hard for me to fully capture the rich discussion in words, while also taking part in it but after many conversations these are what our Year 3 students came up with.

  • We need to treat our fragile environments carefully
    Life cycles help keep the world how God made it to be
    The environment is very fragile
    Environments are a fragile balance so we need to treat them carefully.

Thinking, questioning, reasoning, composing. It was a delight to be part of Year 3 creating their own understandings of this Central idea.

Apologies for the fussy image, taken on the day with my iPad.



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