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This message came into my Twitter feed this week.  

 So I decided to see what I could come up with to help this school who are just starting out with class blogs. I knew I could write a post with my ideas but I decided to go one step further as I wanted to ensure I included images to make my point and links to help them. so once again I decided to create an Adobe Slate.

In my Adobe Slate  I gave the following ideas for connecting your classroom to the community. Parents need help with blogging, remember its new for them too. Start by making sure all the parents in each class are subscribed to the  class blog using a subscription widget, then try these ideas.

  • Write posts that pose questions
  • Write posts with interesting content such as movies or slide shows
  • Use the blog to set homework for parents
  • Tease the parents with posts that show part of what has happened and a question for them
  • Hold a family blogging afternoon and let the students teach their parents how to comment
  • Create your own ‘How to comment help video’
  • Add your blogs to your newsletter and in a poster at reception using QR codes
  • Hold a competition for Blogger of the Week
  • Learn more about blogging by taking part in the Edublogs Teacher Challenge

Here is my Slate


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