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There is a new app in the Adobe suite of iPad apps, called Slate. It allows users to quickly and easily create stylish and simple presentations. Teachers could use it to present course information and students to present any digital story. Adobe claim that anyone can make a beautiful visual document in minutes.

To learn more and view Adobe’s own promotional ideas view this for more information.

To view a Slate I made to promote class and student blogging view this. I can attest that it only took me moments to make, once I had planned my storyboard and taken my screenshots. Since though, I made it using only screen shots, the images resolution may not view perfectly on a large screen. As a means of representing an idea using only an iPad though it works perfectly. Slate uses design templates which may annoy some uses with its rigidity, it does though ensure clean and simple design elements without one having to worry or think too much about how it will look.  I am used to students adding every design element around into one presentation, so that is something I really liked.

For a truly beautiful Slate using many amazing images with much higher resolutions check out this one from teacher Gary Poulton called Tasmania, Mona and the midlands.

Slate is a free app that should be part of every teachers app toolkit, check it out in the app store here. You  will require a free Adobe log in to use Slate, so unfortunately it can only be used with students who are over the age of 13.

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