Developing International Mindedness and Global Citizens though the use of technology


Last week I was lucky enough to visit Macau to attend and present at the 2015 International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific Conference. I met many interesting people, listened to inspiring keynotes and enjoyed several good sessions.

Whilst there my colleague Abi and I presented to a packed room our own session ‘Developing International Mindedness and Global Citizens through the use of technology’. 

During this session we spoke about how students need to develop international mindedness in order to understand their place in the world today. Abi used Adobe research to highlight how important it is that we prepare these students for a digital world. And how at our school we develop their technological knowledge with a systematic approach to developing both their technological and cyber safety skills. Using planned scope and sequences of skills which are deliberately taught from Kindergarten to year 6.

To give examples, I outlined how important edmodo is in year 6, as well as class and student blogging. I mentioned  how every class has a blog our school and how we use them as part of our literacy program as well as to develop meaning overseas connections. I also spoke about our use of Passion Projects  and ‘choose your own adventure‘ stories to develop our older writers.

We ended by showing them how google forms can be used for feedback and with a fun kahoot.

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