Year 6 have just completed their first unit of inquiry for the term. Using the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How We Express Oursleves’ and the Central Idea ‘people express themselves using technology’ they have been exploring ways technology has enriched our lives, from art, to communication to careers.

They have surveyed family and friends to discover how us oldies coped without mobile phones or computers. The idea that computers were not around when their parents went to school has been bemusing for many. Or that in the ‘olden’ days we caught public transport without a phone in our hands, positively risky. But what did you do if you were late?

As 11-12 year old students they are not allowed to have Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts yet. Our annonymous survey though, showed that many of them do. So time has also been spent reinforcing cyber safety messages. We cannot stop them having these personal accounts but we do believe it is our responsibility to teach them how to use them safely.

During the six weeks there have been many interruptions including several days at camp but this has still managed to be an inquiry rich in thinking and questioning. With the concept of responsibility leading the inquiry their questions have shown depth and maturity?

They have created art works and surveys, summarised data and written thoughtful reflections. And all of this has been purposeful and meaningful because our students are about to embark on their own personal blogging journey. About Me pages and Blogging Guidelines are ready and they are excited. If you visit our class blog this week you will see students’ names in our student blog roll, these are still last year’s students. Next week, those names will change. A new group of eager bloggers is ready to connect, collaborate and share their learning with the world. 

Stay tuned to read how Passion Projects enrich our homework in Term Two and how Choose Your Own Adventure Stories can inspire young writers. As well as how young students can make meaningful global connections, developing International Mindedness as they learn.

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