It’s Sunday afternoon evening and the weekend is nearly over. A weekend of relaxing (a bit) housework (a little) and school work (a lot). I can’t believe that tomorrow is Monday of week 3, just where does the time go?

I’m ready though, ready to get on with the business of teaching and learning with my class. I’m ready, because the following systems/programs are set to go or already in use.

Class Dojo:

My students have created their avatars and we jointly devised which Attributes and Attitudes should be rewarded as we built our Classroom Essential agreement. So easy to set up and even in year 6 most students love the rewards of school House points.

Spelling City:

My students have completed two spelling tests and I have analysed a piece of their writing. This has allowed me to place them in one of four spelling groups in Spelling City. I have added the Words Their Way lists into each group and created their first homework assignment, which is a mix of games and a practice vocabulary test. I am now set to open and close lists throughout the term, so simple and such great reporting analysis.


Our general year6rc Edmodo group, our ‘Facebook for tweens’ group is up and running. A fabulous place to answer questions and allow general chit chat. Plus our first novel study discussion group is already full of questioning and wonderings about The City of Ember, our first novel. The best part of this though is that our ‘fake’ students, Lina and Doon, characters from the novel are already taking part in these discussions.

Hot Maths:

We are using Hot Maths this year as our online Mathematics system and already I am loving its interface and the potential it has for differentiation. As well as detailed and useful student reporting data, on usage and results.


We have a new LMS too this year and although it’s taking time to learn how to use it, I can already see that it too has tremendous potential to enhance my teaching and my students’ learning.

Google Docs:

My spreadsheets to track student participation, results and outcomes are set and ready to use. More useful tracking data just waiting for the learning to commence.

These are just some of the systems/programs I will use to assist me this year. Do you have any others to add? What am I missing?

Image taken in Iceland on my recent but seems long ago holiday.

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