All over Australia parents and students are coming to the gradual realisation that the long summer holidays are nearly over. Sand is being shaken from cossies and lunch boxes dug from the back of the cupboard. The queues are forming at school shoe shops and all the supermarkets have specials on stationary.

I’ve been back at work for most of last week and slowly my brain is getting back into gear. Our staff days last week served up some great reminders for the year ahead. And I have been reflecting on how I want the year to start for myself, my students and staff. Getting the first few days right and setting the tone of expectations for behaviour and learning are, I believe, so important.

These are the points I think I need to keep in mind when planning my first classroom activities and discussions.

It’s all about relationships – Developing positive relationships with all my students is key.
Set high expectations for all learners – I need to ensure I foster a growth mindset among all my students
Enhanced student well being and resilience will lead to enhanced learning – I need to continue to develop a ‘can do’, failing is okay attitude among my students.
Make the learning authentic – I need to continue to find ways to make their learning real, and to bring the world into the classroom.

So we will be building our classroom essential agreements, discussing our learning spaces and using these discussion cards to promote thinking. One thing we will not be doing is colouring in title pages!


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  1. Kati Varela

    So glad to know other teachers do what I also think it’s so much more useful than title pages! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas so generously 🙂