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My term and our school year has ended and Year 6 2014 is finished. For my students the final two weeks of term were filled with a farewell dinner and an assembly,  a house fundraising day and the watching of kindi puppet shows. Not to mention a carol service, prize giving rehearsals and prize giving itself. it’s not surprising that by the final week of term we were all exhausted and the mere mention of completing any more work was enough to send them all into a spin. Luckily we had our digital portfolios to build. if you are nearing the end of your term and you would like a way for your students to easily create a digital portfolios, then can I recommend Adobe Acrobat to you

We used Acrobat X1 but this task can also be completed in version X. Firstly I showed them this Adobe TV help video.’How to create an Acrobat PDF portfolio’. it uses Acrobat X but the differences in portfolio building were minimal. it clearly demonstrated the steps to take in order how to make an Acrobat PDF portfolio and add to it documents, images of themselves and their friends at camps and in the classroom, links to websites and presentations such as Prezi. and glogster. After viewing the video my students then set about selecting the documents they would like to share, as well as adding links to their personal blog and the google site they had designed earlier in the year. We encouraged them to create different folders for each subject and to keep them all in an orderly fashion.

After they had individually chosen their files we showed them this video ‘How to customise your portfolio’. This video clearly explains how to customise the portfolio with the addition of background images and type. During our final week each student managed to create an individualised PDF document which contains all the digital work they have created in Year 6. They uploaded these PDFs into their own google drive or saved them on memory sticks. Now they are able to share their work easily with family and friends, who will only need a PDF reader in order to view it all.

As we continue to grapple with the sharing of work without too much printing. I can see how useful Adobe Acrobat portfolios can be. Next year we are planning to use them for each of our units of inquiry. So that one document can be used to show our student learning over time and across the whole unit. I am excited by the amount of paper we will be able to save!

Now though it is time for a break. I expect to be back blogging, learning and sharing in 2015.


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  1. Payton C

    Mrs. Miller,
    Your post on the Adobe Acrobat was very informative! I am not very familiar with the program or what a portfolio is, so hearing you talk about it and describe how you used it is very useful. I am sure that I will be learning it soon in my EDM class at South Alabama. I also believe that the program will be helpful in my future as a teacher. Thank you.