PYP and Literature in the primary classroom


Are you a PYP primary teacher or coordinator in Australia? If so I have an idea and I need your help.

For the second year in a row my class have taken part in the Global Read Aloud project, a wonderful initiative run out of the U.S. by the inspirational teacher Pernille Ripp. Each year Pernille selects a variety of books, then classes connect and choose one of them to read together over a six week period, during term four. She also starts Edmodo groups for teachers to use as starting points for classroom connections and lesson ideas. It’s a great initiative and my class have certainly enjoyed connecting with other classes from the U.S. to discuss the novel The 14th Goldfish this year.

But, as I reflect on my English program I think it can be improved. Since the Global Read Aloud is American, the books selected tend to be from America too. Due to time differences my class have struggled to hold Skype calls with the other classes we have connected with, which has restricted us to Edmodo groups. I too have struggled to find American teachers willing to share the workload in managing these cross ability groups and literature discussions. I am also aware of the Australian English curriculum requirements for our primary students to read the following.

texts which are widely regarded as quality literature
a widely defined Australian literature, including texts that give insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia
a wide range of literary texts from other countries and times, including poetry, drama scripts, prose fiction and picture books
texts written about intercultural experiences

So I am on the hunt. On the hunt for any lists that may exist already of quality children’s literature which not only meet any of the above criteria but which also been mapped to match PYP attributes or attitudes and/or possibly any of the PYP transdisciplinary themes.

Does anyone know if such a list exists? If not I may try to start one.

Then, maybe some Asian or Australian PYP schools, who use the Australian English Curriculum could connect their classes to read and discuss a novel or range of picture books together? Connections strengthen by the PYP and aided by closer time zones.

What do you think?

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  1. Erin Byrd

    I would love to find a list with quality children’s literature! At this point I am ready to just grab a bunch of books and start reading them before I pass them to my children to read. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great books out there for our youth to read, but I need to know content and if it is age appropriate for my children. My children all love to read and it is hard for me to turn them loose in a book store and trust that what they pick up is a quality book and not just a paperback bound load of junk.
    I love your blog! I am new to blogging and yours is simply amazing! I now have blog envy! Thank you for your posts! They are great reads and very useful!