I’m in New Zealand, spending the final part of my NGS teacher’s scholarship money. I’m visiting eight schools altogether, a mix of state and private. Although my interest is in primary schools, many of them have been on campuses that also include intermediate and high schools.

Each school has had it charms, its differences, its positives and negatives. The wonderful part of a trip like this is not only the chance to recharge and reflect on best practice but the opportunity to visit so many different classrooms and to meet so many different teachers. My personal interest is in their use of technology, especially to meet literacy outcomes; but I have taken away so much more than information about just that. These are just a few of my takeaways about which I will blog further.

I have viewed open learning spaces filled with funky and different furniture.
I have seen home learning programs that focus on connections with the home and student learning.
I have seen inquiry learning incorporate mathematical and scientific understanding in truly transformative ways
I have seen wall displays that make sense of the PYP language and learning.
I have learned about how NZ schools manage teacher professional growth and learning.
I have seen home reading programs that use gamification to inspire reluctant boy readers.

Above all I have been welcomed and hosted in eight different and amazing schools, schools where student learning and teacher growth are at the heart of everything they do.

Thank you NGS Super and New Zealand. Even the weather gods have smiled on me. I have had an amazing time.

Photograph- Wellington from Faye’s house.

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  1. Anthony Esposito

    It is truly impressive what you are doing, not to mention how useful the things you are learning can be in your own classroom. Seeing so many schools and how they operate and incorporate technology is very interesting. I hope one day that I can travel to schools in a different country to learn about how they function. I look forward to reading more of your posts, to see what else you may encounter in your travels.

  2. Payton C.

    I am extremely amazed at the things you have been able to do as a teacher, and honestly quite jealous. You appear to be so passionate about finding the best ways to teach your students, as well as, finding the best ways they learn. I am inspired to follow down a similar path when I become a teacher of my own class. I find it so important to stay updated and on top of the newest technology and teaching methods, even from places like New Zealand. Wow! I look forward to reading more from you.