Mathematical Party Planning


In year 6 we are trying to make Maths real this term. Year 6 are planning parties. A year 6 farewell party to be precise. Each student is going to plan their perfect farewell party, menu, timetable, table settings and more. It’s amazing once we started to think parties, just how much Mathematics we found.

This is Katie’s initial check list:

– How many people are coming
– How many people are going to be sitting at each table
– How many tables are needed
– Size of our venue
– How much food is required
– What we are eating
– Designing the menu
– Cost of the food
– What is the theme
– What is the dress code
– Will the dress code match the theme
– Decorations
– Entertainment

We will be completing the mathematical aspects of this challenge in class and the students will be using their own blogs for the design elements.

So why are we using party planning in year 6 Maths groups? Well it’s all part of our efforts to make maths real. At this time of the year we have just about completed teaching our students the curriculum for year 6 and they are starting to get restless, ready for the challenges of high school. So a Mathematical project should not only be engaging but also help them to realise that maths is real.

This great article by Professor Jo Boaler discusses Mathematical fluency versus Mathematical facts. My hope is that year 6 will put the fluency we have spent this year developing to good use and in the process see that maths is not only needed but that it can also be fun.

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  1. Callie Thames

    I love how you are using the party planning idea to help make the Maths come alive and more real. I myself was never good in Math. I feel if this idea would have been used I could have been able to relate to it on a different level. This is a very interesting idea, and I love the creativity put behind it.

  2. Jacquie Counsel

    Hi Henrietta,
    thank you so much for sharing this fantastic work. I really appreciate it when teachers allow others to use their ideas to help students learn.
    With kind regards’