ACEC2014 – Presentation ‘Ban Boring Homework Use Blogging Instead’


Today I gave my presentation ‘Ban Boring homework Use Blogging Instead’ to an appreciative audience at ACEC2014. I introduced myself and gave my views on homework and how in my opinion no student cares about book work as homework, why would they care what marking I do? I try to work smarter not longer.

I then spoke about my blogging journey from 2010 to now, with firstly year5rc followed by year6rc. I described how my amazing buddy Pru and I have run our class blogs with added student blogs as an optional extra from 2010 to 2013. And how we have always used the wonderful Edublogs as not only are they Australian but their support is second to none.

I discussed how over the years I have come to the conclusion that a class blog, run only by a teacher can easily become unsustainable. How when a teacher takes control and does all the work themselves it can be empowering and fabulous but it can also be hard graft.

I mentioned how in my opinion for a class or student blog to work it has to meet literacy outcomes. It has to be part of what one does in ones classroom, part of a literacy rotation. But how with the focus on reflection and digital competency in the new Australian English Curriculum, class and student blogging can be used to meet many outcomes.

I then shared how this year our class bog has been run by student reporters and how since term 2 each student has had their own blog to use for homework. Firstly in term 2 for Passion Projects and then in term 3 for Choose Your Own Adventure Narratives. This will be followed in Term 4 with party planning which will meet our maths outcomes and allow for creativity and some fun.

This is the prezi I shared for anyone who is interested.


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  1. Anthony Esposito

    As a student who has dealt with plenty boring homework and also tasked with running a blog for school credit. I can not agree with you more. Boring homework numbs the mind and does not stimulate the student to learn new things. However since starting my own blog for my particular class I have been able to connect with people around the world and learn how they perceive certain things. Most importantly how they do implement or how they would like to implement technology into the classroom. I am very pleased with your blog post and look forward to reading more in the future.