Creating and Creative Commons with Kathy Schrock


I’m in Adelaide at the ACEC14 conference and yesterday I took a Kathy Schrock IPad masterclass. It was a great class, mainly because it gave me the time to play, to try out new apps and to imagine how I could use those apps in my classroom.

Reading over my notes tonight though and the main message I see again and again is Kathy’s insistence on teaching students the correct Creative Commons attribution rules. The phrase she used that really resonated with me was, ‘Until a student has their own work stolen they just don’t get it’. Creative Commons is not an easy topic to explain fully to students so Kathy suggested a few easy guidelines.

Teach them to only search for photos in google using the search tool, ‘labeled for reuse’.

In Flickr use the search tool ‘Creative Commons’

I like to make my students use wikimedia where all the images are free to use.

We also had fun playing and creating with several good creative Ipad apps.
I particularly liked the following.

Puppet Edu or Shadow Puppets as it allows users to create movies using Creative Commons images. It will then automatically create the final slide containing the image attributions.
Adobe Voice for easy movie making using many images and graphics.
Animation desk this looks fun for animations, once the students have finished the teacher can can also print their animations as a page, good if you need to evaluate their work.
Haiku deck – is another app which creates great student presentations and which also automatically adds Creative Commons links in.

It’s a great start to what is sure to be an excellent conference.

Image created using Pic Collage, ready for a provocation into natural disasters next term.

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