I have just returned from our Year 6 annual trip to Canberra. A two night, three day trip that many stage three students take in Australia. Certainly all those within driving distance. As we returned late Friday night my co-buddy and I mused on the trip. What was good, what was ordinary and what really should be missed. Each year we seem to end up with much the same itinerary, but is it the best one? Are we missing activities which might provide more opportunities for student questioning and learning? Are we staying at the best available accommodation? Obviously we visit all the sites associated with our Australian government but what about the rest? What about the evenings?

What I want is a website where excursions such as these are discussed and sites we could visit ranked. Is there a site that already exists? If not perhaps there is a market for one. I certainly cannot find one.

To assist though I have created a google form. If you take your students to Canberra, could you please fill it in. Perhaps if we all share our thoughts, knowledge and reflections we can learn from each other and next year our itineraries could be perfect.

Results can be found here

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  1. Hi Henrietta, I moved to Canberra 18 months ago and after visiting the educational attractions of Canberra made a website to curate them. I haven’t made it quite like you are suggesting with the ability to comment and discuss but you might be interested

  2. henriettami

    Thank you so much for this Vivian, I have had a quick look and there certainly are paces we do not currently visit which might be more suited to our needs.