yr 2 inquiry

I’m so lucky that in my role as PYP Coordinator I get to visit all the other classrooms at my school and assist other teachers with their inquiry units. This week was a week of provocations. Provocations are such an informative and rich way of starting a new unit. They give so much valuable information about what the students already know and what they are thinking.

Year 1 and 2 started by wondering and discovering what it was like to never see light. They had to close their eyes, put on a blindfold and using only a friend as a guide move around the classroom. Doing this allowed each student to understand just what it would be like to live in a world of darkness.. Their experiences led to many thoughtful reflections and wonderings.

I felt cold because I was in the dark.
I was nervous because it was scary.
It felt like the whole world was floating in the air. Everything was black. It was very boring not being able to see.
I felt scared and itchy, it was the end of the world 

As an introduction to their unit on government. Year 6 arrived on Tuesday to a classroom with no rules, told by their teachers they could do anything they liked for the first half hour many of them were confused. Fortunately or perhaps not, the worst they could come up with was to move classes to chat and catch up with friends! This happy time was brought abruptly to an end though, with the arrival of Mr W, playing the role of a dictator he soon had them in their place, kneeling before him and praising his leadership. Exploring forms of government through anarchy and dictatorship allowed these learners to start contemplating what they already know and what they want to know about Australia’s government.

Year 3 completed a see, think and wonder thinking routine on a number of living and non-living objects. Exploring through touch, drawings and questioning allowed them to decide what categories they could each use when classifying these objects. They came up with several including inside and outside, soft and hard, natural and made, as well as living and non-living. With teacher guidance they further defined their categories and shared their understandings.

Our classrooms are certainly exciting places to be these days.

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