Last week I attended the fabulous TeachMeet 5 Squared hosted by @simon_harper3. I gave the following presentation. Ban Boring Homework – Use blogging instead. In this five minute presentation I gave a glimpse into the way we use blogging to engage our year 6 students in reading, writing, presenting and reflecting on their learning, using Edublogs student blogs. Last term my students completed Passion Projects for homework, over the course of the eight weeks. They then used their students blogs to report on their learning, to comment on other students learning and to reflect on the process. Why did we use blogs for this? Because the new Australian English curriculum has outcomes such as ‘Students create well structured and well -presented written and multimodal imaginative, informative and persuasive texts for a wide range of purposes and audiences’. To my mind blogging about learning, reflecting on the process and sharing it all with a wider audience fulfills this outcome perfectly. Next term we have decided our students will complete ‘choose your own adventure’ narratives. Each week they will be required to write a chapter of their story. Fellow students, parents and the wider community will then vote on what should happen next.  Authentic imaginative writing for an authentic audience. What could be better. If you would like to comment or have your class read, comment and vote on their narratives, please let me know, as we would love your involvement.  

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