I’m planning a day of professional learning for my staff. A day when we will attempt to build our PYP Program of Inquiry. We have been on our journey towards becoming an authorised PYP school for several months now but as yet we have not had the time this year to create this vital part of the PYP puzzle. We have not had the time, as every other professional learning day has been filled with other equally vital staff development needs. Including several days when of all of us took our Making the PYP Happen course. We are also part of a K – 12 school. so PYP is not the only professional development need. Positive psychology and Growth Mindset are just two of the other areas we are learning about.

But finally day one next term it’s time. Time to unpack our Australian and NSW content outcomes and match them to the PYP Trans-disciplinary themes. Time to move beyond just an inquiry framework. Time to collaboratively build our Program of Inquiry.

Except that it’s not. A day is not nearly enough time. Beyond building the bones of our POI. I want to spend time exploring all of the following:

What does it mean to collaborate, not just cooperate?
How can we ensure our inquiry is concept driven?
Do our central ideas really meet the needs of our students?
How can we meet our BOS outcomes without our inquiry becoming superficial?
Can we meet all the five essential elements of the PYP curriculum

How can we teachers ensure we are inquirers too?
How can we fit all the learning we need to do in and teach too?
How can I best support both myself and my staff in our learning journey?

So much to learn, so little time. Where even to start? All suggestions welcomed!

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  1. Steve B

    Such an exciting time for you all at RCJS. The shared ownership in developing the POI is a powerful experience. You know there are many who are only a phone call, email or Skype away to play critical friend or offer advice. Would love to be a fly on the wall as you work through those challenges. The mapping with other curriculum elements is a big task, but what the PYP helps the Australian/BOS curriculum to mean for staff and Students is worth it.

  2. henriettami

    You are so right Steve, there are many who are available and have offered to help, The PYP network is amazing and such a great resource for newbies like us.