TeachMeet Strategy Meeting


I spent Saturday in Sydney City at a TeachMeet strategy meeting, working with an amazing group of educators to reflect, plan and strategise on the phenomenon that is TeachMeet.

Matt Esterman has already written a fabulous post which clearly describes what we did and how it worked which you can read here. So I won’t attempt to replicate his words. What I have been doing today though is to reflect on the people who came to the meeting, as to my mind they represent so much that is great about Australian educators.

Firstly I was humbled when I met Leon Wilson an AP at a primary school in Kununurra in Western Australia. Leon works in a school with a high Indigenous population of students. It took him the best part of a day and night just to get to Sydney and he will still be traveling home as I start my day at work tomorrow. Listening to his tales of deprivation, poverty and more at his school and realising that not only was he dealing with this, in a remote part of Australia but also doing his bit for the TeachMeet cause, makes me want to jump up and down with glee.

Secondly we had educators come from almost every state. Young ones and older ones. Almost straight from University and those with many years experience. Teachers from primary to secondary to university levels. I met and talked with so many great teachers, all trying to do their bit for the future of our students.

This year has been hard for me. I have a new job and I have just sold and moved house. I have had a busy life with my family and TeachMeet has at times had to take a backseat. This has been worrying me. Tonight though I am relaxed. With teachers like the ones I met yesterday at the helm, I know that TeachMeet can only flourish and grow. And with our work yesterday which will lead to further planning, I am confident that we can only get better.

Who’d have thought four years ago that TeachMeet Australia would grow from just a few classroom meetings to reach the distances it does. Watch out Asia we have plans for you too. TeachMeet Asia/Pacific is what we aspire to.

If you have never heard of TeachMeets or been to one, check out our website or wiki for details of one that might be near you. Or better still use our host pack and plan your own.

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