Passion Projects and Student Blogging

Adriano Zumbo's gingerbread house

My school’s homework policy is designed to ensure students only complete tasks that are meaningful, for the purposes of reinforcing classroom learning and building connections with home. This term Year 6 are once again completing Passion Projects. These projects are designed to be completed during the term, thus introducing them to tasks that take time. They are also designed to encourage reflection and to build their literacy skills. Our first Passion Projects were completed by last year’s students. In that instance we used Google docs as our means of tracking their progress. This year we have taken it one step further.

This year our students are each using a student blog to document their learning. We have blogged as a class for several years now at year6rc.edublogs using our blog to connect with classes, students and the wider community. Now, if you visit our class site you can find 54 student blogs down the side. Each of these student blogs will lead you to a different style blog, each one reporting on a different Passion. From cooking to bedroom design, motorbikes to App building, crochet to photography. You name it Year 6 are interested in it. Our students are using these blogs to record, reflect and display their learning. By the end of the project it is expected that they will have written at least one post each week as well as commented on four of their peers. This way their blogs will become an online portfolio record of their passion.

As yet our projects are only part way through and it is fair to say that some students are more engaged in the blogging process than others. Many though, are choosing to write regular posts above and beyond what is expected on them for homework. Choosing to spend their own time to read, write and reflect. Student learning at its best.

If you are interested in Passion projects you can read my previous posts here and hereMy Personal Passion Project_REVISED is our student instructions, which I modified from an original I found online.

Image thanks to Charli who made an Adriano Zumbo Gingerbread house last year.

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  1. Lynda

    Our Year 4 students are also doing passion projects for homework this term. They are exploring everything from highland dancing to the periodic table to the science behind twins and their connection. It is fascinating!The students are journalling each week using our new One Drive, so that they can write their reflections and share with others.

  2. henriettami

    That is so great to hear Lynda, they are fabulous aren’t they. The act of journaling encourages reflections that can be so interesting to read too.

  3. I think it’s great that your students are blogging. It must be exciting for them to share their thoughts, and also a great way for them to reflect and to reinforce the lessons they have learnt within school time.