Reflections on the role of a PYP coordinator


I am writing this reflection from my hotel room in Singapore, where I am lucky enough to be attending a course title ‘The role of the PYP Coordinator’. Tonight is the end of day two and I have homework to do before tomorrow. I need to reflect on my learning so far and to especially consider the following questions.


So in relation to the first question, just what have I learned about the group and our collective knowledge?
I have learned:
That our thirty participants work in nine different countries.
That many of them speak multiple languages.
That one participant can speak 11 languages, I was truly humbled by this idea.
That our collective understanding and knowledge is of enormous value.
That talking with others is almost as beneficial as the course itself.
That I need to keep reading and keep learning.
That the role of the PYP coordinator is a challenging but exciting one.
That although all our schools are all different, essentially we all care about the one issue, our students learning.
That the reason I teach is because of the students and that is the same no matter where one works.
That I am making connections with people that will continue to be valuable as I learn and grow.

What have I learned about myself?
That I will always be a learner and that no matter what I might think I know, other people will always be able to offer me tips, tricks, ideas and strategies that I can take back to my classroom and staff.

Tomorrow my learning will continue, right now I am off to explore some of the delights of Singapore.

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  1. I’m a student at University of South Alabama in the USA. My class, EDM310 has us looking at teachers around the world and seeing the things they are doing with technology.
    I’ll be summarizing this post, my thoughts on it, and another post in the future.
    Being in a diverse environment is always interesting. The perspectives we can gain from others can open new worlds to us! It causes me sadness when I think of bigots who shun this type of environment and proclaim superiority.
    Good luck in Singapore, I’m somewhat envious. 🙂