Shiny shoes, Crisp new uniforms, Bulging backpacks, Brand new lunch boxes, Untouched exercise books

Yes Australia Day is over and it’s back to school time here in Australia. Week one has come and gone and the term feels like it is up and running at full steam. My Labradoodle Monte may not agree but I love the start of a new school year. After a relaxing and much needed break I am ready to come back to work.

The playground was a palpable mix of excitement and nerves as the students gathered to find out their classes this week. A fresh start for some, a new classroom for most, smiling faces, young eager learners. As we made our way into our classroom life felt good.

Yet for me this year will be one of changes as well as similarities. For this year I am sharing my class. As the new PYP coordinator my year will be full of changes, a different workload, new expectations, new challenges and new relationships. Mrs W and I will both be teaching a half load. So we must learn to share, to negotiate and above all to communicate. We will need to build secure relationships not just with our students but with each other.

For the year 6 students their lives too will be full of changes and similarities for they too must continue on their journeys in learning to share, to negotiate and to communicate. They too will need to build relationships with not one but two teachers, so that they can effectively communicate their needs with us both.

Challenges lie ahead I know but bring it on, I say. Bring on the school year of 2014. I am looking forward to the challenges, the ups and downs, the pluses and minuses and everything that will go to make it a great year of learning both for me and my students.

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