It is the holidays here in Australia. Six glorious weeks of sun, summer and Christmas makes for a very relaxing time. As the term wound down last week I went to meet several of the teachers who have this year, been involved in the Sydney TeachMeet movement, for two TeachMeetEatUps! A chance to unwind, chat, plan and muse about teaching, life, TeachMeets and more.

One particular question was asked on one of the evenings, that gave me much food for thought.

If teachers did not have the holidays that we do, would you still teach?

For me the answer probably has to be not would I still teach but could I still teach? As I know that I need these weeks to read, rest and restore myself ready for 2014. I have learned from past experience that if I do not then my year will not start well.

So this summer you will find me sewing rather than tweeting.
Reading books rather than blogs
Planning coffee dates rather than lessons
Making cookies rather than marking.
Cleaning my house instead of my classroom
Bike riding while listening to audio books rather than educational podcasts

Will I return to this blog in 2014. Well I certainly intend too, as I have a new challenge ahead. One which is sure to provide me with moments of wonder as well as moment of panic. I will need to reflect and learn. As I am no longer a full time teacher. I am now able to say that in 2014 I will be the PYP Coordinator at my school. A role I am looking forward to immensely but one for which I definitely need to relax and recharge myself for.

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  1. Andrea

    I so look forward to you blogs about your new role Henrietta. Exciting times ahead for you and your students. Enjoy you rejuvenating time.

  2. Andrea

    I really look forward to your blogs next year Henrietta. What an exciting time for you and your students.

  3. henriettami

    Thank you Andrea, I look forward to connecting with you in 2014.