There are many hundreds if not thousands of sites containing resources aimed at teachers these days. And now there is a new one. One that I believe deserves to be both promoted and used. There are not many Australian teachers I know of, who give back to the community as much Adrian Bruce does.  He has been giving away games for years, good games too. Games with instructions that work, as well as invaluable ideas for extension and real ways those games can be used in the classroom. Originally Adrian was a full time primary teacher and the knowledge he has gained in the classroom is reflected in the way his games can be used to cater for so many different learning needs, Now Adrian has brought all his games together in one place called Go Teach This.

From the website:

GoTeachThis.com will soon become your one stop shop for printable Math & Reading games as the resources here are pedagogically sound and student friendly. Our printables also make learning Social, Visible and Fun.

Each download contains: game boards and/or playing cards, game rules, teaching notes for before the game, during the game and after the game. Many of the printables also include hints for possible extension activities and variations of play.

In my opinion Adrian Bruce’s games site GoTeachThis deserves support because it has over 150 games, learning objects and more. Games that are fun, visually appealing and most importantly games that also work.  Paying a small sum will also help support Adrian who has devoted so much time to developing these resources. After all, every student loves to play games and if those games can work for all their different learning needs, then its a win win situation all round.

multiplication-game-i-have-who-has_1 is a great example of one of Adrian’s free games. In it you will find the cards you need as well as explicit instruction in how to play and ideas for further extension.

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  1. Meagan Freeman

    It is great that you are spreading the word for your friend. I even looked at his sight, I loved the games. The resources are so educational! I left a link on my class blog post also. I wish the best of lock for Adrians website.

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